Aries Premium Healing Crystal Pack

Aries, the strongest of the fire signs, is passionate, motivated, and a confident leader with their cheerful disposition and relentless determination. Uncomplicated and direct in their approach, they can get frustrated by exhaustive details and unnecessary nuances.

1 x Bloodstone

A beautiful form of Jasper and as the name implies, It has the ability to detoxify one's blood and organs. Highly beneficial to use in meditation and intention setting, Bloodstone can assist in your ability to transform any aspect of yourself you desire, be that a change of job or starting a new habit. Also known as "The martyrs stone" It promotes feelings of altruism and reminds us that with each significant change comes sacrifice and death of our old patterns.

1 x Citrine

Great for new beginnings, a fresh start and amplifying self-determination. It promotes new prosperity and self-esteem, deepens clarity of thinking, and strengthens personal will.

1 x Red Jasper

Highly protective and grounding, this crystal is well known for its guarding ability against all kinds of threats. Because of this, it was very often used as a battle talisman throughout the ages. A strong detoxifier both Physically and emotionally, It's able to remove negative energies, worries and stresses whilst promoting self trust, self confidence and relaxation.

Premium Pack includes Black Onyx Zodiac Palmstone