Capricorn Zodiac Crystal Pack

Determined and relentless, Capricorns are able to overcome whatever stands in their way. Able to hold long and short term plans they are the masters of self discipline and getting things done. Loyal friends, though they do take a while to warm to people.

1 x Jet

The stone of an old soul, Jet has been used for centuries as far back as the stone age and is in fact a form of fossilised wood. Known for its ability to ground and purify ones energy as well as cleanse the aura of toxic or negative energies. A great protection stone, both for the user and for spaces Jet is placed, Jet will bring in productive energy we can work with, transforming negative energy into useable energy also.

1 X Aragonite

A potent crystal, Aragonite helps to activate and align our entire chakra column to promote inner balance. It encourages taking responsibility and assists with releasing issues from the past, as well as attachments in the present. Encouraging self worth and raising our vibration, aides us to overcome stagnation in our spiritual growth.

1 x Carnelian

A beautiful orange calming stone. Great for people with fears, phobias or anxieties. It promotes courage and self-expression, aids protection and finds spiritual truths and benefits manifestation. Works with the heart, throat and third eye chakras.

Premium Pack includes Black Onyx Zodiac Palmstone