Anxiety Helper

This healing crystal pack has been designed to help you release your anxiety and feel positivity, peacefulness, and calm.

1 x Rose Quartz (tumblestone for the basic pack) large raw for the plus pack.

1 x Blue Tigers Eye

1 x Fluorite

1 x Snowflake Obsidian

1 x Green Aventurine

Rose quartz is a great healing stone, especially to people who are recovering from a difficult break-up or are starting a new relationship, encouraging rest and relaxation. (The plus pack includes a large raw stone)

Blue Tigers Eye is another stone known for its stress-relieving properties. It aids the over-anxious and quick-tempered into being able to slow down and take a step back when needed.

Fluorite is a protective stone guarding you against outside influences. It is a stone used in healing to draw off negative energies and due to its protective abilities can help them stay away. It also is good at helping to reorganize so calming any chaos that may exist around you.

Snowflake Obsidian is the final crystal we selected in this pack as it helps you to be receptive to your own ingrained behaviours and teaches you to recognise and value mistakes. Well known for its substantial grounding and protection abilities, it dispels negative energy and absorbs and shields negative thought patterns or lower vibrations emitting from within the wearer. Any unfavourable emotions are dispelled and replaced with a more positive outlook.

Green Aventurine adds to the premium pack with luck and wellbeing. This will help you to recognize when you are having bouts of anxiety and release the feelings you have so a longer-term solution to reducing any anxiety is found.