Healing Combinations

Powerful Healing Crystal Combinations

A short directory of a few combinations of crystals that work well together to help with overcoming common problems that we can all face from time to time in our lives. Crystals used together have powerful properties that can help you find peace and overcome obsticles. We sell special healing packs that are especially designed for this purpose. Healing takes time, but be as receptive to positive change as you can, and completely embrace the spiritual, emotional and physical changes that they can bring. Openness is the key to improvement, success and self-determination.


Carnelian and Yellow Tigers Eye crystals

Releasing the pain of abuse takes time and is never easy, but meditating on forgiveness and your own strength can release the burden. You can slowly help to unravel and heal the complex issues that abuse leaves. Your goal is to bring you back your self-empowerment and inner peace. Meditating with Carnelian which can help your feelings of personal empowerment, and Yellow Tigers Eye which can help your self-worth, are helpful in combination. Crystal grid users should add Clear Quartz to amplify the effect.


Hematite and Amethyst crystals

Curing addiction either to a substance or a bad relationship or even over indulging in food is all about boosting your willpower to curb the unhealthy behavior. Meditating with Hematite which absorbs negative energies, and Amethyst that is known as the sobriety stone, in combination can help.


Malachite and Jasper crystals

Anger that passes quickly is rarely a problem, but when it sticks around and you find yourself angry for long periods of time, or it keeps flaring up, you may need to boost your inner peace and tranquility. Malachite absorbs unbalanced and negative energy, and Jasper reduces fear and increases self-confidence which in turn reduces anger.


Amber and Sodalite crystals

Long term anxiety can be chronic or even debilitating, but meditating with healing crystals can help you calm and soothe your anxiety as you learn to take care of yourself mentally when the need arises. The initial goal is to at first, have a few minutes a day when the anxiety is not present in your mind. Become aware that for the last few minutes you were not thinking anxious thoughts and make a mental note of it, and reward yourself. Then slowly but surely that time will lengthen, perhaps to an hour a day when you are free from anxious thoughts and eventually to a few hours a day. Given time, whole days can go by when anxious thoughts are gone from your mind and you will be close to a complete cure. Holding or carrying Amber and Sodalite crystals in conjunction with calming meditation can help.


Kyanite, Turquoise and Labradorite crystals

Boundaries are a great way of protecting your sense of self, is so important for your confidence and esteem. Setting boundaries and maintaining them is vital for your physical and mental health. It allows you to love yourself and others more by reducing fear and uncertainty and increasing your courage and morale. Kyanite that supports a healthy sence of self, Turquoise which is good for boundaries, and Labradorite that helps with self-empowerment and the will to speak the truth, can help with your meditation.


Rose Quartz, Aquamarine and Peridot crystals

Compassion is one of the most important emotions that humans possess, whether it is for yourself or others. Empathy is often about learning how to release judgement, this will help you to concentrate on more helpful things. When meditating, Rose Quartz which amplifies your heart chakra, Aquamarine that reduces judgement, and Peridot, the compassion crystal, are helpful.


Citrine and Aquamarine crystals

Courage is about doing what is right for yourself and others even when there are social or physical pressures for you to ignore the issues at hand. Not being afraid to move forward and do what is for the best will have a deep positive effect on you wellbeing. Citrine that amplifies your energy, and Aquamarine, the stone of courage, with meditation will unblock the solar plexus chakra and help you.


Amethyst and Ametrine crystals

Procrastination and indecisiveness is a one of the most important factors is stopping us move forward. By not taking action and delaying or postponing something that you know will improve your situation you give yourself little hope of moving on. Deciding to take action will always affect the outcome so it is vital that we work on this part of ourselves. Connecting with and meditating with Amethyst that helps with divine guidance, and Ametrine that increases energy flow crystals can help.


Green Adventurine, Malachite, Carnelian and Apatite crystals

Envy and Jealousy, whether it is of physical objects or a person, or a relationship, is a very unhelpful emotion and we all know it, but it can sometimes be difficult to shake off. Much of this comes from the mistaken belief that the ‘‘grass is greener on the other side’’ and the things someone else has are better, when this is often not true. Realising this truth and focusing on what you have and your own strengths can be the key to releasing this negative emotion. Meditating on these thoughts with Green Adventurine that releases negative energy, Malachite that absorbs negative emotions, and Carnelian and Apatite that help you to be more positive about yourself, can help.


Apache Tears and Rhodochrosite crystals

Forgiveness is not about letting people who have behaved badly get away with their actions. It is about releasing the burden that you carry. It is about you becoming stronger so that you no longer feel pain when remembering upsetting things that have happened in the past. It is really about self-empowerment. Apache Tears to help overcome pain and Rhodochrosite crystals can help as you meditate to increase your strength and start the healing process.


Rose Quartz and Aquamarine crystals

Gratitude is one of the most important things on this list. No matter who you are and what you have, life is hollow without gratitude. To find true happiness it is vital that you have gratitude conciously in your mind for at least a moment each day. Use Rose Quartz that amplifies the heart chakra, and Aquamarine that helps with self-expression, when meditating on this thought, add Clear Quartz to amplify them.


Apache Tears and Ruby crystals

Grief is really about acceptance, but getting there is a long process. Emotional loss takes along time to process, they say time is a great healer and it’s true. Moving forward each day and increasing the length of time when the sadness is out of your mind is the key, meditating on this to allow the grief to flow through, and eventually out of you leaving calmness and even joy. Meditating with Apache Tears and Ruby that can heal your heart, are helpful.


Amber, Smoky Quartz and Citrine crystals

Happiness is a simple word but a complicated thing, increasing the times you are happy though, is not so complicated. There are several keys that open the door to happiness, a big one is gratitude which we talked about earlier, and the other is just to remember to be happy! With everyday life getting in the way it is sometimes hard just to take time out and focus on what is good in life. Make time and think about all the things you should be happy for. Think about this for a few moments every day and your mind will slowly fill with positive energy and have a background of happiness. Meditating with Amber, Smoky Quartz and Citrine crystals can help.


Rose Quartz, Peridot and Pink Tourmaline crystals

We see love as one of the most important things in our lives and is definately one of the most popular crystal healing packs. Love is as much about giving as receiving and we can always learn more, and get better at both. Rose Quartz is a great stone for romantic love. Held against your heart chakra and meditating on the energy of love is a great help. Peridot will help you release feelings of hurt or anger if you are in a relationship that is going through a difficult time, and Pink Tourmaline can help with trust in a relationship.


Tigers Eye and Rainbow Flourite crystals

Motivation is a one of the most important factors in reaching the places where we want to be, both physically and emotionally. It will help us not to delay or postpone something that will improve our situation and give us the hope of moving on. Deciding to take action will always affect the outcome, so it is vital that we work on this part of ourselves. Connecting and meditating with Tigers Eye that increases personal will, and Rainbow Flourite that helps with focus, can help.


Smokey quartz and Hematite Crystals

Negativity is completely cured by the opposite, positive thoughts. Increasing gratitude and your self-worth will help lift you out of negative spaces. Smokey quartz will help turn negative energy into positive energy and Hematite will absorb negativity whether or not it is from other people or circumstances. Being mindful of the positives you have is the key.


Howlite, Amazonite and Labradorite Crystals.

Good things come to those who wait, as the saying goes, and patience with people, or events is a wonderful and an empowering virtue to have. The ‘This too shall pass’' mantra is the favorite saying of the famous actor Tom Hanks, and I think it is a helpful tool to have present in your mind. Howlite is good for patience, Amazonite can help settle your nerves and Labradorite helps with self-patience. Combined they provide a positive effect to help embrace delay without suffering.


Citrine and Green Adventurine Crystals

The desire for prosperity is understandable as the economic equality in our society seems to erode daily. Prosperity is not all about money, but by being absolutely mindful of your goals and taking focused positive actions every day will eventually bring you success. Fall down 8 times and get up 9 is a good mantra to have, it is one of the main ideas behind many self-made wealthy people. Meditating with Citrine and Green Adventurine crystals is helpful to remind you that focused positive actions are so important.


Rose Quartz, Hematite and Tigers Eye Crystals

The higher you reach, or the more you things you do, or people you know, there is a chance of rejection either in a relationship or from work, or from a friend. This can be hurtful and disorientating, but you can control your emotions and move on to new, and often better things. Rose Quartz helps heal the pain of rejection, Hematite helps overcoming the fear of rejection or from change and Tigers Eye helps boost your self-confidence and self-image, healing and helping you to move on.


Rose Quartz and Smokey Quartz Crystals

Regret is usually born from guilt or shame, and is a negative emotion that is unhelpful in that it will often block your ability to focus on more positive things. Rose Quartz will help with self-forgiveness that is vital to overcoming regret and Smoky Quartz will help you move on from old ideas and into positive thoughts and change.


Amber, Citrine and Tigers Eye Crystals

Self esteem is about the confidence to be humble and questioning, backed up with the knowledge that you are strong and have wisdom enough to make good choices about how you spend your time and with whom. As you emerge from self-doubt and fear you will be self-assured enough to be unassertive and yet confident at the same time. This inner strength is the key to great self-esteem. Meditating with Tigers Eye crystals will help with self-confidence and Citrine will amplify and strengthen those thoughts.


Amethyst, Selenite, and Hematite Crystals

Ah! Sleep. Getting enough high quality sleep is so vitally important for your mental and physical wellbeing. I know, I sometimes struggle with it myself. Sleeping with and holding onto these crystals when you wake in the middle of the night can help you calm, relax and drift slowly back off. Amethyst brings calming and soothing energies which help you to relax. Selenite provides a protective energy which reduces stress, and Hematite is great for helping your mind naturally file your memories of the day and peacefully sleep deeply.


Smokey Quartz, Hematite and Tigers Eye Crystals

Managing stress before is becomes damaging is essential for overall good health and balance. Yellow Tigers eye will help absorb excess nervous energy and help you re-balance yourself. Smokey Quartz will help stabilise these energies and reduces stress in the moment the triggers occur, always carry some and be mindful of its presence. Finally Hematite will reduce fear, and the fight or flight emotion that stress can bring.


Amethyst, Carnelian and Garnet Crystals

Lack of trust in others often comes from the fact that we are insecure within ourselves, feeling safe in ourselves is key to being able to trust, and absolutely vital for a stable romantic relationship. Amethyst will help with the feeling that your intuition is strong and you can trust yourself, Carnelian will help balance the energies, so while not over-trustworthy, you can be confident about trusting others, and Garnet helps with feelings of safety and security that are so important when nurturing trust.