Crystals and How To Use Them

Healing Crystals and how to use them

Everything you need to know to get the best from your stone collection

Modern life places tremendous stress on the body, mind and spirit. All crystals have healing properties and choosing the right ones for you is a very intuitive process. Enjoy looking through our shop to see which crystals you are drawn to. From the beautiful colours to the unique shapes and patterns that mesmorise you, each crystal has a unique vibrational energy that works to clear blockages and counter negative energy. This guide will help you to get the most from your collection.

 Clear Quartz

People always ask what is the best crystal to start your journey into the world of crystals, and Clear Quartz is my go-to response. It’s transparent with great clarity, which means it has immense purifying properties to work with every type of energy in your body. It heals and unblocks negative energies, making it an all round “feel good” stone.

Smoky Quartz

Similar to clear quartz but with yellow/amber grey or black smoke or inclusions, Smoky Quartz is extremely popular because it helps convert negative energy to positive energy. It is linked to the base chakras and is best used for healing on the abdomen, hips, and legs.


This yellow or lemon colour stone is especially powerful for self esteem and prosperity. It is a powerful cleanser and re-generator. Citrine is spiritually linked with the sun and as such, is said to provide inner warmth and energy. 

Rose Quartz

The love and friendship crystal. This beautiful light pink crystal supports all kinds of love including unconditional, platonic, and romantic love. Rose Quartz restores trust and harmony in relationships, to promote self-love, deep inner healing and feelings of peace and happiness.


This beautiful purple-coloured crystal helps your creativity and intuition. It also offers powerful protection, enhances your dreams and improves your memory. It’s a stone perfect for exploring deeper understanding and insights when you meditate.

Black Tourmaline

This ultra-powerful black stone is commonly used for protection, grounding spiritual energy, and the clearing and balancing of all the chakras.  If you want to keep negativity at bay, this is the crystal for you.

Rainbow Fluorite

Fluorite deepens intuition, promotes love and improves your communication and understanding with others. It can be used to enhance learning and is a great self confidence booster.


This stone ranges from an orange-hue to toffee brown in colour. It amplifies the power of the goddess, and helps you set protective boundaries in your life. It can encourage weight loss, increase confidence and enhance fertility. It is also great for cleansing other stones so it is a good idea to keep this one close to your other stones in your collection.


This wonderful shiny grey stone contains natural iron and is a strongly grounding and protective stone. Its awesome centering properties attracts positive energy into your life which in turn reduces stress. A stone that should be in everyone’s collection.


This crystal brings luck and personal power by aiding purification. It has been used around the world for centuries to dispel negative energy.

We hope this information is a great introduction to the crystals you need in your first collection, but for a full explanation click on the any of the crystals in the shop where there is a full explanation of their properties.


Low energy and exhaustion, stress, anxiety and similar problems. Crystals help bring about positive change by balancing energy within the body and helping remove negative energies.


Emmotional issues, nightmares, insomnia, depression, grief, and lack of motivation or enthusiasm are all areas that can be helped by the use of crystals.


The non-physical part of you that plays a huge roll in your well-being. This covers love, beliefs, faith and compassion. The Healing crystals of spirit help with a clearer communication with your inner self, or as some people call it, a higher power.

 Smoking Sage

light a sage stick or bundle and allow the smoke to waft around the crystals. this is a great way to cleanse a lot of crystals at once.


Crystal singing bowls are a great way to cleanse crystals. Keep the crystals close to the sound and let the bowls sing!

Moonlight Cleansing

Leave your crystals in the moonlight overnight in the garden or windowsill.

A Bed of Quartz

Some rough quartz stones or a quartz geode are perfect for cleansing, Place your crystals on the quartz for a few hours.

Salt, Saltwater or Water Cleansing

Suitable for some crystals but not all. Never cleanse Amber, Malachite, Selenite, Calcite, Moonstone, Topaz, Kyanite, or Opal in salt, saltwater or water as it may damage or dissolve them.

Programming Crystals

You can fill your crystals with Intent.

Hold your chosen crystal in your hand and picture what you want your crystal to help you with. If you want protection from your crystal, close your eyes and picture yourself as invunerable and safe. Your energy and intent is very important when using crystals. It can really help to repeat your affirmation out loud. ‘‘I am invunerable and safe, invunerable and safe……’’ Repeating a mantra with a crystal in your hand with help both you and the crystal to achieve to your chosen goals.

 Using Crystals

Basic Crystal Use

The simplest way to use crystals is to hold them and meditate. Placing them on your body or around yourself and meditating is great too. Similar to programming, but meditatation on calmness, welbeing and your goals are key. This time spent in meditation will bring great benefits to you life and wellbeing.

Crystals in water

Making a crystal elixirs is a great way to infuse yourself with positive energy. Place your chosen and clean crystals in a bowl or special crystal bottle and fill with spring water. After removing the crystals drink the water. Make sure that you do not use any crystals that contain metals such as aluminium or copper, mercury or even non-metals such as flourine and sulphur. There are lots of detailed resourses online to help you with crystal safety and water. Crystals that are definately water-safe are: Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Smoky Quartz, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Snow Quartz, Agate, Aventurine, Jasper and Tiger’s Eye, so when using water our advice is to stick to those. Dropping your water-safe crystals in bathwater is a good way to infuse yourself with their energy too. Use smooth polished crystals and always remove them before emptying the bath.


Sprinkling crystals such as smokey quartz, or black tourmaline around the boundry of your home or property is great for keeping negativity at bay. They set a barrier of positive energy and reject negative energy so it is great for protection. To keep costs down small crystal beads or chips are great for this purpose.

Wearing Crystals, Carrying Crystals

Crystals are worn or carried on an everyday basis for a whole range of benefits. Crystal Jewellry is a great way to do this too. For an example, Amber is often carried for an energy boost, or rose quartz can be worn to enhance romance or love on a date. Travel packs are available for protection on a journey, or anti-anxiety or confidence packs can help at a job interview. Their is almost a limitless variation of positive energy and protection that can be gained from crystals so enjoy finding out more in our shop or by emailing us or asking questions on our facebook.

Check the shop for a full explanation of all the benefits of the various crystals and start enjoying the positive changes you can bring.

Your guide to getting started with real healing power