Crystal Colours

Crystal Colours

Choosing the correct crystal by its colour can reduce negativity, provide protection and boost the positive aspects of your life. Intuition and listening to your inner voice will help you to achieve the right crystal for you. Different colours represent different meanings, and the guide below contains some helpful tips to help you navigate your crystal journey.


Black crystals help with safety, security, protection, grounding, the unconscious, and the unknown.


Green crystals help with prosperity and wealth, love, forgiveness, compassion, growth and coping with change.


Red is the colour of passion and these stones boost energy and vitality, stability and stamina, and libido.


Yellow crystals relate to self-worth and self-identity, self love and forgiveness, thereby enhancing spiritual awareness.


Blue crystals signify truth, wisdom, loyalty, self-expression, and listening. They correspond to the throat and thyroid.


Orange-coloured stones alleviate social anxiety, boost social confidence, enhance the sense of family, and improve sexuality, sexual problems and love.


Purple crystals strengthen intellect, reasoning, spirituality and divinity, and healing. They alleviate headaches and eye issues.

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We hope this basic colour guide helps you choose what is right for you. Contact us if you have any questions, and click below to start your collection.


Beautiful brown crystals help with connecting you with the earth, grounding, connecting to nature, and worldliness.


Pink and rose-coloured crystals enhance romantic love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love.


White crystals intensify purity, peace, fresh starts and new beginnings, as well as promoting cleansing and spiritual connections.