Crown Chakra

Crown Chakra Healing Crystal Pack

Found at the crown of the head, this Chakra connects us to the Universe and its divine wisdom. It's through here we receive guidance as to our life's true purpose and inspires us to dream and aspire to great things. It's this Chakra we connect to higher powers, whatever beliefs you hold.

Sanskrit name: Sahasrara

Translation: "Thousand-petaled"

Colour: Violet/White Element: Thought Sound: Silence after Ohm Note: B

Balanced: Feeling divine peace, Enlightened, connected to a higher power

Imbalanced: Critical of others' spiritual beliefs, Lacking Purpose, Unable to connect to others

Affirmation: I trust in myself and that of a higher power. I am a divine human being who is lovingly guided by the universe. I release doubt and open myself to be part of the bigger picture.

1 x Selenite

A beautiful soft white crystal that is easy to carve and create beautiful shapes. Like white quartz it serves as a cleansing stone and helps with protecting against negativity and boosts intuition.

1 x Clear Quartz

The most versatile and cleansing stone in your collection. It has great purifying properties and works with every type of energy. Quartz is the best crystal for healing and unblocking negative energies. Works with the crown, and all other chakras.

1 x Rainbow Moonstone

A white and black feldspar that is a strongly protective stone that aids rational thought, problem solving and decision making. Helps you connect with your spiritual side and strengthens intuition. Works with the crown and third eye chakras.