Self Confidence

Everyone on the planet struggles with self-confidence, it’s just that some people learn to overcome it. This pack can really help with that process, any feelings or sense of self-doubt, or struggle with new situations, or just feeling shy in public, this will help you overcome your inhibitions and release the power of a new confident you!

this pack contains

1 x Fluorite stone that balances energies. Promotes love and improves your communication and understanding with others. Enhances creativity, and learning while boosting self-confidence. Heart, throat and crown chakras.

2 x Tigers Eye stones, Great for self-confidence, self-expression and self-worth. Boosts confidence and dealing with criticism. It helps you be proud of who you are. Works with the root and solar plexus chakras.

1 x Carnelian, a beautiful orange calming stone. Great for people with fears, phobias or anxieties. It promotes courage and self-expression, aids protection and finds spiritual truths and benefits manifestation. Works with the heart, throat and third eye chakras.

1 x Clear Quartz that has great purifying properties and works with every type of energy. Quartz is the best crystal for healing and unblocking negative energies. Works with the crown, and all other chakras.

The PREMIUM pack includes a large raw citrine, Great for new beginnings, a fresh start and amplifying self-determination. It promotes new prosperity and self-esteem, deepens clarity of thinking and strengthens personal will. Works well with the solar plexus chakra.