Starter Pack

1 x Rose Quartz

The pink stone of unconditional love and kindness. It offers help and forgiveness to all. This is a great healing stone, especially to people who are recovering from a difficult break-up or are starting a new relationship. Works with the heart chakra.

1 x Amethyst

A form of quartz, this purple crystal traditionally helps with drunkenness! Great for your creativity and intuition, it also offers powerful protection and helps stress, anxiety, nightmares and addiction. Works great with the third eye and crown chakras.

1 x Hematite

A beautiful back negativity absorbing stone. Great for relieving stress and its detoxifying properties. The negative energy absorption helps you you surpass limitations that you don’t realise you have created for yourself. Works with the root chakra.

1 x Tigers Eye

Probably the best name for a crystal! Great for self-confidence, self-expression and self-worth. Boosts confidence and dealing with criticism. Helps you be proud of who you are. Works with the root and solar plexus chakras.

1 x Clear Quartz

The most versatile and cleansing stone in your collection. It has great purifying properties and works with every type of energy. Quartz is the best crystal for healing and unblocking negative energies. Works with the crown, and all other chakras.

1 x Malachite

A beautiful multi-layered green stone of the heart that offers protection when travelling especially on aeroplanes. Protects against accidents and calms the nerves by dispelling fears whilst on long journeys. Works with the heart chakra.

1 x Sodalite

A beautiful blue stone that is a natural amplifier and enhances your desires and helps find what you want from life. Great for communicating effectively and speaking the truth to yourself and others. Works with the throat and third eye chakras.

1 x Selenite

A beautiful soft white crystal that is easy to carve and create beautiful shapes. Like white quartz, it serves as a cleansing stone and helps with protecting against negativity and boosts intuition. Works with the third eye and crown chakras.

1 x Snowflake Obsidian

Well known for its substantial grounding and protection abilities. Dispels negative energy and absorbs and shields negative radiation, as well as negative thought patterns or lower vibrations emitting from within the wearer. Any unfavourable emotions are dispelled and replaced with a more positive outlook. Works with both the Root & Sacral Chakra.

1 x Apatite delicate blue-green stone, it is quite soft so best kept wrapped or protected. It helps with focusing on goals and eliminating negativity. Great with motivation, reducing anxiety and self-conscious feelings. Works great with the heart and throat chakras.

1 x Fluorite

In many colours this versatile stone balances energies. Promotes love and improves your communication and understanding with others. Enhances creativity, and learning while boosting self-confidence. Heart, throat and crown chakras.

Premium Pack includes Amethyst cluster and raw Rose Quartz

Normal Pack includes Amethyst tumble stone and Rose Quartz tumble stone