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Bronze Dryad Statue

Bronze Dryad Statue

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The dryad was typically a spirit or being that was associated with trees. Most were shy, feminine creatures that avoided contact. In this Bronze Dryad Statue, though, the dryad appears bolder and is more willing to defend her chosen tree. The base of this statue consists of a rounded, oval-shaped base designed to resemble grassy earth. From one side of the base grows a sapling. The dryad standing next to it is reminiscent of a centaur, featuring a female head and torso and the lower body of a deer. Her wild hair blows in the wind, her deer ears alert. In her hands, she holds a spear. This impressive statue is made from quality cold cast resin, and it has been hand painted to display the attractive metallic gleam of cast bronze. Given that most dryads are shy, this bolder looking Bronze Dryad Statue is quite the find, one that will surely excite mythical and Greek enthusiasts alike, making it a fantastic gift idea to anyone who finds their interests enthralled by Greek myth and culture.

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