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Cave Calcite Crystal

Cave Calcite Crystal

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Cave calcite is a breath-taking mineral formation that graces the interiors of caves with its stunning visual display. Its crystal formations often grow in delicate, translucent, and sometimes transparent structures, resembling frozen water droplets or icicles. The colours of cave calcite can vary, from pure white to shades of beige, yellow, or light brown, and its surfaces may exhibit a smooth or slightly textured appearance. When illuminated by cave lighting, the calcite crystals sparkle and refract light, creating a magical and ethereal ambiance that enchants visitors and makes cave explorations truly awe-inspiring. This natural wonder is a testament to the geological marvels hidden beneath the earth's surface and is a sight that captivates the imagination of all who encounter it.

1.2kg w 10cm x d 10cm h x 13cm

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