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Citrine Ring on Stand

Citrine Ring on Stand

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Width- 71cm

Height- 58cm

Height with stand- 150cm

Such a magnificent piece standing at an impressive 71cm in width and 58cm in height. Elevated on a stand, this ring reaches a commanding overall height of 150cm, creating a mesmerizing presence that harmonizes the raw beauty of Citrine with artistic design.

This Citrine ring captures the essence of the Earth's energy. With warm golden hues and unique crystalline formations, it becomes a symbol of abundance and positivity. The large dimensions make it a striking centrepiece, radiating warmth and vibrancy.

Perched on the stand, this ring transcends mere décor; it becomes a captivating sculpture that invites contemplation. Whether placed in a living room, office, or spiritual space, it adds a touch of both rustic charm and refined elegance.

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