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Frosted Quartz crystal singing bowls

Frosted Quartz crystal singing bowls

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Deeply healing, balances hormones, reduces anxiety, promotes healthy sleep, removal of physical pain, stress reduction, revolves emotional and physical dissonance, stimulates glandular system, calms the mind, heightens all senses.


-deep sense of calm for days

-heightened senses for days - of self and the environment

-resolution of physical pain

-balancing of the endocrine system

-alleviation of mood swings and negative emotions, such as depression/PTSD/anxiety

-cure of psychological and behavioural disorders

-improved sleep

-rejuvenating for the body and skin

-a healthier immune system

-clarity and balance

-weight loss due to shedding old energy stored within the body

Problem and aliments that sound healing can help with

Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia, Weight imbalances, Burnout syndrome, Exhaustion, Adrenal fatigue, Sluggish lymphatic system, Low self - esteem, Insecurity, Trauma PTSD

All bowls will help in this way but certain notes will resonate better in certain areas of your body

Heart 10-inch note F, Crown 10-inch note B, Root 12-inch note C, Sacral 10 inch note D, Throat 12-inch note G, Frosted Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl For Meditation and Yoga

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