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Good Luck Healing Crystal Pack

Good Luck Healing Crystal Pack

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Good Luck Healing Crystal Pack This healing crystal pack has been designed to bring you luck and good fortune in your life.

1 x Amazonite

1 x Sunstone

1 x Jade

1 x Opalite

1 x Green Aventurine

Premium Pack includes raw Citrine Known as the Stone of Success and Abundance,

Amazonite is an excellent manifestation tool, allowing you to summon up good luck and focus on what you want in life in a practical way.

Sunstone is the Stone of Positivity, which helps you to make lucky decisions and attract power into your life. It helps you to be brave in everything you do, and summons openness, warmth, strength and clarity of thought and mind.

Jade has always been connected to abundance and good fortune, which is why it makes an excellent part of a ritual for attracting money into your life. You can light a candle and hold the jade stone in your hand, letting your mind visualise how money will come to you.

Promoting child like glee, opalite is a lovely high energy crystal which helps clear meridians and balance chakras. A useful stone for this wanting new beginnings and fresh starts, it helps you to overcome changes in life.

Green Aventurine, being a quartz-based stone, is an energy amplifier and helps with prosperity and leadership. It is one of the luckiest stones you can have.

Premium Pack includes raw Citrine Citrine attracts wealth and prosperity, success and all things good. It is especially helpful in financial speculation and for commercial success. Carry it in your purse or wallet to attract money and to stop excessive spending.

These crystals will help to bring you good luck, keep them close to you at home or at work, and they will manifest positive fortune and abundance into your life and other people’s lives.

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