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Heart Chakra Healing Crystal Pack

Heart Chakra Healing Crystal Pack

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Heart Chakra Healing Crystal Pack

Funnily enough, located at our Heart. Compassion, love and connection all radiate out of this Chakra. This is the intersection of our Spiritual and Earthly desires, where we connect to the unconditional love around us and act with consideration for ourselves and others.

Sanskrit name: Anahata

Translation: "Unstruck"

Colour: Green Element: Air Sound: Yam Note: F

Balanced: Flowing love and compassion, Connected, forgiving

Imbalanced: Untrusting, Manipulative, Judgemental

Affirmation: I am a conduit of love, my heart is open to the highest frequency of all; Unconditional love. I am a beacon of love and compassion, I am kind, generous and connected to all.

1 x Rose Quartz

1 x Green Aventurine

1 x Nephrite Jade

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