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Journey and Travel Protective Healing Crystal pack

Journey and Travel Protective Healing Crystal pack

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A premium crystal pack designed to provide protection when travelling, or going on holiday whether you are planning on travelling by land, sea or air. Can be used just day to day keeping the pack in your car or pocket.

1 x Malachite Tumblestone, Malachite is the best stone for those travelling by road, sea or air. The properties of this stone can help you overcome the fear of flying.

1 x Amethyst, Amethyst is a great protection stone, it reduces negativity and protects from bad weather and storms. For travellers, it can help protect against thieves and those praying on tourists.

1 x Black Tourmaline Protects you from the negative energy of others and ensures that you feel a connection with the earth when travelling over water or by aeroplanes.

1 x Yellow Jasper The travellers stone, can really help with the effects of motion sickness, sea-sickness, vertigo and nausea.

1 x Tigers Eye helps with courage and patience in situations that can be stressful surrounding travel, such as frustrating delays or busy airports.

Premium includes Raw Pyrite

The main strength of pyrite is its protective qualities, as it has the ability to reflect negative energy away from you and back to those who send it. It is also known for attracting good energies towards you as well such as joy and wealth in all forms.

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