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Natural Sage Sticks (3 pack)

Natural Sage Sticks (3 pack)

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These natural Sage Smudge bundle Sticks are used to bless, cleanse and heal the person, dwelling or object being smudged. When the sage stick it set alight, the smoke should be passed around the home or near the objects that need cleansing.

Smudge Sticks are bundles of dried herbs bound with string. They are burned as part of a ceremony or ritual.

If you are cleansing a home or room make sure the smoke goes into all the corners

A variety pack of 3 smudge sticks that can contain a mixture of the following scents -

Sage (Purple String)
Sage & Cedar (Red String)
Sage & Sweetgrass (Green String)
Sage & Copal (Yellow String)
Sage & Lavender (Blue String)
Sage & Pinon Pine (Brown String)

The string wrapped around each smudge will determine the scent - there is a guide on the back of the pack along with smudging instructions and a safety guide.

Origin: New Mexico

Size: Can vary slightly, but each smudge is roughly between 12-13cm

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