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Oracle of the Ancient Celts ''The Dalriada'' Oracle Cards

Oracle of the Ancient Celts ''The Dalriada'' Oracle Cards

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  • Reconnect with ancient druidic wisdom with this fantastic Oracle deck. With 25 lavishly illustrated cards, each bearing a being From Celtic mythology like cernuous, Morrigan, or the triple Goddess, plus a comprehensive guide Book teaching you how to read the cards, It s never been easier to draw on ancient traditions to predict the future.

  • 25 lavishly illustrated cards

  • Includes a comprehensive guide book

  • Made from 350 gsm art paper

  • Each card bears a mythological Celtic being

  • 14cm

  • Brown

  • Perfect for initiates and adepts alike

  • LEAF: Cernunnos, The Greenman, The Oak & Holly Kings, Taliesin, and Magickal Animals

  • STARS: Cerridwen, The Morrigan, Brigid, Danu, and Epona

  • SKY: The Triple Goddess, Manann, Druid Priests, Selkie, King of Dalriada,

  • FIRE: The Dagda, Lugh, Nuada, Stone of Destiny, and Dragon

  • STONE: Ravens, Wheel of the Year, Triskele, Pentagram, and Torc

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