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Peaceful Sleep Premium Healing Crystal Pack

Peaceful Sleep Premium Healing Crystal Pack

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Getting enough high quality sleep is so vitally important for your mental and physical wellbeing. I know, I sometimes struggle with it myself. Sleeping with and holding onto these crystals when you wake in the middle of the night can help you calm, relax and drift slowly back off.

1x Amethyst

1x Selenite

1x Hematite

1x Sodalite

1x Howlite

Premium pack includes an Amethyst cluster

Amethyst brings calming and soothing energies which help you to relax. Selenite provides a protective energy which reduces stress, and Hematite is great for helping your mind naturally file your memories of the day and peacefully sleep deeply. Sodalite is a natural amplifier and Howlite is perfect for calming and reducing anxiety.

Each stone weighs approximately 15-20 grammes

They are all individual so their size and shape may vary.

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