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Star Anise essential oil 10ml

Star Anise essential oil 10ml

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The Star Anise tree is a small, tropical, evergreen tree with glossy green foliage similar to that of the orange tree. The fruit is formed of a symmetric grouping of eight carpels that open into a star shape when it reaches maturity. Each carpel contains a hard, shiny, brown seed. Star anise fruits are aromatic, giving off a subtle, aniseed scent. They are harvested manually in the tree or on the ground after shaking the branches. The tree does not produce fruit until its sixth year, and star anise is only harvested from mature, vigorous trees. The fresh raw material is distilled, resulting in an essential oil with a high content of the molecule anethole, which crystallizes as it cools. In China, star anise, known as Mangs-tsao in that land, is traditionally distilled in stills heated over a naked flame. The oil’s fragrance is herbaceous and woody, with an aniseed facet. Star anise is native to southeastern China and northern Vietnam, hence its popular name “Chinese star anise.” It has been in use since ancient times, and was grown extensively by the Egyptians as early as 1,500 BC. The Romans introduced star anise to Europe during the siege of Alesia in 52 BC. Planted around settlements of Roman garrisons, Roman physicians used star anise for its numerous effective properties. Roman centurions were accustomed to placing the star anise seeds under their pillows to help them sleep better. Today, star anise is widely used in Europe, both on its own as an herbal tea and as a flavoring agent for various dishes. It even replaced the green anise of the past in the recipe for the famed alcoholic beverage pastis.

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