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Thieves Oil Set 'Make your own' Essential Oil Combo

Thieves Oil Set 'Make your own' Essential Oil Combo

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base oil

Kit Contains

1 x Cinnamon

1 x Clove

1 x Eucalyptus

1 x Lemon

1 x Rosemary

Each bottle contains 10ml. The base carrier option comes with a 100ml of Coconut Oil

Thieves oil gets its name from the plague days when a notorious group of thieves robbed the bodies of the dead. They never caught the disease due to a beak-shaped mask that was filled with natural herbs as above. This is why doctors then started wearing the mask you see in the picture as they then adopted this method.

This combination is still used today to ward off infection and to help prevent the transmission of viruses. A very popular product right now.

  • Mask not included

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