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Third Eye Chakra Healing Crystal Pack

Third Eye Chakra Healing Crystal Pack

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Third Eye Chakra Healing Crystal Pack

Situated in the middle of the Brain, we can connect to this chakra by imagining another eye is opening up in the middle of our forehead. Connecting us to our intuition, psychic abilities and wisdom. Linked with the Pineal Gland, our imagination and ability to create with the mind's eye all stem from this Chakra.

Sanskrit name: Ajna or Agya

Translation: "Command"

Colour: Indigo Element: Light Sound: Ohm Note: A

Balanced: Intuitive, Imaginative, Clear thinking.

Imbalanced: Unable to focus, closed minded, Paranoid

Affirmation: I am strong of mind and am able to think clearly. I trust my intuition and release feelings of self doubt. My imagination flourishes as I align with my most authentic self.

1 x Lepidolite

1 x Fluorite

1 x Amethyst

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