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Throat Chakra Healing Crystal Pack

Throat Chakra Healing Crystal Pack

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Throat Chakra Healing Crystal Pack

Found at the throat, this Chakra has to do with our speech and how we communicate verbally. It also relates to our ability to listen, and our self expression. Words are very powerful in the way we shape our reality and the world around us, connecting our throat Chakra and Heart chakra is important if we wish to speak honestly and with love.

Sanskrit name: Vishuddha

Translation: "Purest"

Colour: Blue Element: Space Sound: Ham Note: G

Balanced: Honest, Peaceful, Strong self expression

Imbalanced: Dishonest, Shy/Arrogant, unable to listen

Affirmation: My words are powerful and connect my thoughts to the world around me. What I have to say matters, who I am matters and I express myself honestly, Clearly and with passion.

1 x Sodalite

1 x Dumortierite

1 x Blue Tiger Eye

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