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Volcano! Back-flow burner with 45 cones 17.5cm tall

Volcano! Back-flow burner with 45 cones 17.5cm tall

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  • This molten volcano is in a fiery blaze!

  • The flames at the base really stand out in the clear resin.

  • Your favourite incense cone can be placed at the top of the volcano.

  • The smoke makes the volcano look like its actually sizzling.

Volcanic Eruption Magma Lava Volcano Backflow Incense Cone Burner:

Imitate the unmitigated power of a volcanic eruption with this eye-catching incense burner.

At the top of a fierce volcano surrounded by fire, brimstone, molten lava and most importantly, smoke. Place your favorite backflow incense cone on the crater of the volcano and watch as the smoke flows. Cast in the finest resin before being hand-painted, this will make the perfect addition to any nature-themed collection.

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